About the Movie

In Robots 3D audiences will discover how a state of the art humanoid is built, and witness all its trials and tribulations. Along the way, you’ll get to meet the leading humanoids of today, many of which are already performing previously unimaginable tasks such as walking, talking and thinking. RoboThespian, a robot host navigates you through the current world of robotics and introduce you to future challenges and the real world needs for robots.

Runtime: 40 minutes

Available Formats

  • 15/70 Film
  • Non-IMAX Digital 2D
  • Non-IMAX Digital 3D
  • IMAX Digital 2D
  • IMAX Digital 3D
  • Full-Dome Digital

Language Versions

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Taiwanese Mandarin
  • Mandarin
  • Any other language made to order