Films & Projection Systems for Museums

Museum Media offers affordable solutions for making visitor experiences more attractive by adding film exhibition.

Film is a driver for repeat visits, generates income and free publicity.

With Cinéfolio we offer turnkey 3D cinemas with access to over fifty 3D films, originally made for IMAX theaters. We do this through our cooperation with D3D. They already have more than 40 successful theaters installed in some of the most prestigious museums in North America. We will work with you on the installation of the equipment. The package consists further of all the hardware, service, maintenance, and films. All in one package with no upfront cost, for a monthly lease payment.

We offer single licenses of films that are originally produced for IMAX and Giant Screen theaters and Fulldomes. These films are now also available for museums and commercial venues in a variety of formats and languages. Contact us if you are interest in licensing a title.

We also offer the Museum Film License.  This unique subscription-based offer will give you access to over 100 documentaries for commercial and non-commercial exhibition for a fee of $ 10.000,- per year

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