Mysteries of the Unseen World

About the Movie

Visually stunning and rooted in cutting-edge research, National Geographic’s Mysteries of the Unseen World will leave audiences in complete thrall as they begin to understand the enormity of the world they can’t see, a world that exists in the air they breathe, on their own bodies, and in all of the events that occur around them minute-by-minute, and nanosecond-by-nanosecond. And with this understanding comes a new appreciation of the wonder and possibilities of science.

Runtime: 40 minutes

Available Formats

  • 15/70 Film
  • Non-IMAX Digital 2D
  • Non-IMAX Digital 3D
  • IMAX Digital 2D
  • IMAX Digital 3D
  • Full-Dome Digital

Language Versions

  • English
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Japanese
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Greek
  • Mandarin
  • Any other language made to order