Back from the Brink

About the Movie

Back from the Brink, from award-winning giant screen director Sean Casey, is an immersive film that will explore extraordinary true stories of animals rescued from the brink of extinction. Audiences will meet California’s endearing Channel Island Fox, the smallest canid in the world, imperiled by the introduction of Golden Eagles to their only habitat. We will witness the stunning migration of the Christmas Island Red Crabs, thinned dangerously by the Crazy Ant invasion. And, finally, we journey to Yunnan, China to find the enigmatic Golden Monkey, high on the most-endangered primates list, living in one of the most biodiverse and remote regions of the world. Back from the Brink, with real and inspiring conservation stories, will renew your hope that our threatened planet and all its inhabitants can be saved.

Runtime: 40 minutes

Available Formats

  • 15/70 film
  • IMAX Digital 2D
  • IMAX Digital 3D
  • Non-IMAX Digital 2D
  • Non-IMAX Digital 3D
  • Full-Dome Digital

Language Versions

  • English
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Any other language made to order