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What does Museum Media stand for?

Our mission: “Providing means to visitor attractions for improving visitor satisfaction and their bottom line, through the exhibition of documentary films.”

We believe that film is a great tool for visitor attractions. Film inspires, educates and entertains your visitors. It also provides economic opportunities. Each film generates free publicity, income, and raises your audience’s satisfaction. Our goal is to make the exhibition of films as accessible as possible for museums. We do this in two ways.

First, we have our Cinéfolio offer, where we upfront all costs for the projection equipment and the films. All you need is an empty space or auditorium. We represent Cinéfolio for The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but are happy to help any other territory.

Second, we offer single licenses of films that are originally produced for IMAX and Giant Screen theaters and Fulldomes. These films are now also available for museums and commercial venues in a variety of formats and languages. Contact us if you are interest in licensing a title.

Third, we have the Museum Film License. We acquired the rights for the U.S.A. and Europe to over 100 documentaries for visitors attractions, such as museums, zoos, and aquariums. We bring them in a way that is unique to the world because we want to make access as easy as possible. For a low yearly fee, you will be able to pick up to 20 films from our library.

By lowering the threshold for showing films we aspire to make films more accessible to museums and other venues.

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Berend Reijnhoudt

“I have been working in media all my life, most of it in the film industry. Film is my passion. I believe in the power of film. The power to entertain, educate and inspire.”

I also believe in business, there needs to be a healthy balance between costs and revenue.”


Museum Media

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